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  1. I draw pretty well
  2. My bedhead game is as strong as an anime protagonists’
  3. I can bake really nicely!!!
  4. I might or might not live up to the Asian stereotype of being good at math. Not amazing, but I get B3s!! 
  5. I can charm people so well I can make people like me

Still on hiatus

I really can’t get in the mood of Jennifer yet.



It’s MONDAY night 6/16. HELP?

MY PARENTS ASSAULTED ME tonight. Both. My dad sided with my drunk delusional mother. Pics- my neck (screwdriver), stomach (stove), head (surgical procedures last week).

My surgeon will check me in the morning: I was just in the hospital for two weeks including two procedures in my brain.  I’m very ill (and life has been generally rough).

I MUST STAY NEAR THE HOSPITAL FOR OUTPATIENT TESTS AND PROCEDURES THIS WEEK. They can’t house me. And I’m mid-moving, waiting on building and City bureaucracy (yes lease signed in April. Subsidy/building messiness).

DISABLED SHELTERS ARE FULL. Friends can’t help (‘cuz of my needs). I got the cheapest Disabled-Accessible hotel room. It’s still too expensive- one night will overdraw my account (just fixed). A friend donated tonight (Monday). I also need FOOD (used ebt for house), and RIDES to.

PLEASE HELP??? I’m sick, alone here, broke, and desperate:

If you can DONATE: my PayPal is

If you know any Non-Profits etc with Emergency Funding message me.


Tumblr has helped me too much and I’m sorry and ashamed. But when you’re this sick and in this bad a situation, apparently you try anything and sacrifice pride.

It’s the middle of the night. 3:43am Tuesday. I wouldn’t be posting this for no reason. Tumblr’s helped me too much and I’m ashamed. But when you’re this sick and this screwed, apparently you try anything. I’ll set this to keep reposting while I’m at doctors tomorrow (sorry!). AND HEY, silver lining, I’m trying to stay alive like some of you’ve told me!


[in pics- these and others already started to bruise. First one- yes it was bleeding. That raised line is part of the implant from brain to abdomen. Second- that’s a burn, then bruise. Third- couldn’t get the punctures clear in mirror, but that’s shaved]






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thankfully my avast! stopped it. Others won’t be so lucky. please spread the word about this, so people won’t loose their stuff!

Well shit, I’m glad I didn’t click the link when I reblogged it earlier.

Mid-Year Examinations are over.

Which means I am back.
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Fraya opened her light green eyes weekly. She had Hurd a voice, why was it? Was she hearing things? Her vision was swimming, the girls face split into three then come back to form one. The gitl said something about not passing out, and she kept saying a word. ciande. What was a ciande, was that her? “Fraya.” She breathed weekly. “I’m- Fraya.”

The mercenary attempted to lift her up. “Alright Fraya,” she spoke. “We need to get you to a healer.”

Jennifer’s mind raced. She didn’t dare to heal her here, especially not with her magic. But maybe there was something to ease the pain?

The hooded figure patted her own pouch, feeling for a bottle. A gloved hand darted in and came out with a glass vial of green, herbal liquid.

Ciande, could you drink this? It would help with the pain.” Jennifer uncorked it as she decided to try and carry her. Placing her whip coil in her pouch and securing it, she waited for Fraya to drink the liquid before looping her arms under her neck and knees to support her.

I just realised that my blog looks really serious and intimidating

Don’t be scared please

If you take a glance you would see it is all written with a fourteen-years old mind

With a sprained body

Wait does this sound scary I’m really sorry

Open rp


The tea princess stumbled out from an ally way, she was in a strange new kingdom. She had been told that a messenger of the ruler had wanted to meet her, it need up being an assassination attempt, she had barely escaped. The girl had cuts on her arms and a few deep wounds that blead through her dress. Breathing caused the cut on her stomach to hurt but she knew if she didn’t keep running she could be caught again. She walked the best she could down the busy streets before colapse inch on the ground. Today was not her day. Fraya didn’t have the energy to get up. She closed her eyes. She didn’t want to die on the streets of some random kingdom, being ignored by the people passing by. She have up and tryed to distract herself from the pain, she still held her stomach wound. She felt dizzy.

The mercenary had just finished coiling her whip when she saw someone go down. Her clothes didn’t follow any caste in the hierarchy.

A foreigner? Huh. Not surprising, really. It was the Capital city, after all. But a foreigner falling with no one helping her aid? That was something.

Wait. That wasn’t red thread.

The mercenary moved through the crowd quickly, darting in and out with practiced accuracy and avoiding bumping into most people. She didn’t bother trying to get attention. Luckys avoid unluckys. Although she gained some curious looks when they spotted her hood.

Jennifer knelled beside the lady and what the heck did that girl just go through why is she bleeding from her stomach.

"Hey ciandie, I doubt the cobblestones are comfortable,” Jennifer tried to joke as she assessed the girl’s injuries. A healer would do her good, but cac she had to be fast. And the girl looked like she was going to pass out. “I’m going to lift you up, alright? Try not to pass out, that’s not a good thing to do.”

"Here, what’s your name ciande?”

please DO NOT assume that just because my character is doing something that i as the writer


  • approve of it
  • am romanticizing it
  • have a kink with regard to it
  • think it is okay for anyone to ever do ever

because sometimes my character does things that I absolutely cringe at and which are almost painful to write.

but my writing a villain does not make me a villian

understand that it is fiction and I do not condone the wrong actions that sometimes are written out on my blog for in-character purposes.


Mun here.

I strained my whole body yesterday so here I am.

Ow my ribs uuuuugh

"You know, you’re in my seat gleoite.”


what if one day for 24 hours everyone with a tumblr turned into whatever their url is 

She slips into shadows, following a person a red vest with gold lining. The person turns; a man, then. Jennifer’s eyes dart over the features of his face, spending a little more time on the brown, throbbing scar over his left eye. Her lips quirks into a smirk which quickly dissipates.

One had to be serious while on a mission, after all.

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